Rooms to Life

Reno, new home, condo?  We can help you get the look you desire by creating a space that delights you, a space you will want to come home to.  And you’ll smile even more at the way we respect your budget, maximize your value, and transform your rooms in an environmentally caring way.  Whether you need us for just an hour or for a whole re-do, you can have the home you’ll love to love.

At ROOMS to LIFE, we are professional decorators who seek to serve the decorating needs of our clients.  Here are just some of the ways we aim to please:

  • help you get “unstuck”
  • discover the style that expresses you
  • discern which pieces can be re-used, re-finished, or re-purposed
  • find solutions to increase a room’s function
  • solve storage problems
  • source furnishings and accessories
  • provide value for your dollar
  • keep environmental care in the forefront

Have fun exploring our site and, when you’re ready, contact us.

We’d love to work with you and your dreams!