Will you expect me conform to your style?

It’s our job to discover what energizes and excites you.  The layout of your home, the needs of your household, the colours and textures that speak to you – these all determine our approach to assist you in decorating your home.

Can practicality and great design co-exist?

We certainly believe they can.  With careful forethought, beauty and function can walk hand in hand.  That means we won’t suggest a white brocade sofa for your family room, or a pedestal sink when your family needs lots of bathroom storage and counter space, or glass tables when you have children with sticky fingers and rugged toys.  Fabulous décor needs to work for you every day of the week.

How will hiring ROOMS to LIFE help me save?

We can save you money, time and frustration in the long run:

  1. by re-purposing or reviving pieces you already own (did you know that old armoire could be repainted, re-knobbed, and used as a fabulous foyer piece?)
  2. by offering new ideas you may not have considered
  3. by identifying the pros and cons of various decorating options
  4. by finding economical ways to meet your needs
  5. by helping you avoid costly mistakes (e.g. disappointing paint choices, final sale items that don’t fit, inappropriately scaled furniture or accessories, etc.)
  6. by doing some or all of the legwork for you
  7. by knowing where to shop and accessing decorator discounts
  8. by recommending quality trades people who will get the job done right

I am worried about what you will think when you come to my house and see its current condition.  How should I prepare for your visit?

Please don’t worry.  The reason you are calling us is because you want to make changes. We know how busy life can be, and that may leave little time to keep your house in tip-top shape.  And if you have a family in the house, we know that things just don’t stay in place all the time.  What you can do to prepare is think about what you want and what you love.  If you have pictures or samples of what you envision, or know the feeling you wish to create, that can be really helpful.  But if you don’t, we will provide ideas and options.

What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?

An interior designer has comprehensive training at all design levels, including an understanding of the structural elements in your home, such as knowing which are load bearing walls, how the electrical system works, what the building codes are, etc.  Interior decorators, on the other hand, are trained to help you primarily with the materials that make a home attractive, practical and comfortable (paint, finishes, upholstery, accessories, lighting, staging, etc.).  That’s us!