Recent Decorating Workshop Participants

“(What I appreciated was) hearing that interior decorating/design isn’t just for the rich, but beauty/beautiful homes are for anyone at any budget.”

“Well presented, and both Sherry and Connie were very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent Presentation!  Keep up the great work, ladies!”

“All-around great advice!”

Other frequently-used terms:

  • practical
  • budget-wise
  • creative
  • organized
  • warm atmosphere
  • enthusiastic
  • fun
  • relaxed
  • entertaining
  • informative
  • accessible
  • beautiful
  • down-to-earth


Condo Client: “Several years ago, Connie and Sherry helped us arrange our living room and hang pictures.  They had a good sense of how to put our room together, so it was open and inviting and useful for us every day.  They gave suggestions to us about what would enhance what we already had.  We still love it.”

Surprise Makeover Recipient: “Connie and Sherry transformed my living room and dining room by painting accent walls, coordinating fabric colors and textures, shifting around existing furniture, and adding artistic touches with candles and pictures.  They did this with contagious enthusiasm and respect for my taste in decor as well as my budget.  I was thrilled with the result of their work.”

Bedroom Makeover:  “You have created a magical paradise for us that exceeded our imaginings.  Our new room has an ethereal quality to it:  you have captured our inner spirit with each detail.  Thank you!”

Indoor Paint Colors Client: “I just had to phone and tell you how very, very pleased we are…everything turned out really well.”